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A day at the Wämöparken

Hello friend! It has been some days since the last post, but I have been busy with the festivities during the girls' last day at school, younger daughter's prom and the trip to our cottage. I have been posting some photos on Instagram and even on Flickr, but not so much on the blog. Well, here I am again and I hope that you are doing well. Here follows a post from our latest little trip. Sightseeing nearby is a lot of fun. And I hope your are enjoying your dolly-time. 
Psst....image heavy....!
Karlskrona is a beautiful city, not far from our cottage, near the Baltic Sea. the city has a lot to offer and I enjoy every trip there during summer time. Yesterday we took a family day at Wämöparken. It is a scenic excursion with historical buildings from different times and different places in the county Blekinge. It is a nice place for strolling, throughout the year. During summer time the cottages are open daily and there are even a mini zoo with the most common pets like chicken, …

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